The Boy (Popup Book)

To accompany the short film The Boy, I started to develop The Boy Popup Book, a tactile and digital pop-up book that aims to expand the narrative experience of the film. (more…)

The Boy

The Boy, his pet Bird; their bond has always been close. A choice must be made when the Bird leads the Boy to somewhere and someone new. (more…)


For the Useless/Useful exhibition, Episode II – Respect, an interactive garment display was created to accompany Sayaka Kamakura’s collection. (more…)

Where They May Land

Using live video tracking and object detection, this interactive sequencer uses the positioning of people within a space to trigger sounds and animations.  (more…)

RCA Showreel 2009

Built from a photo-collage of the graduating students, the design and branding for the 2009 Animation Showreel aimed to reflect the student’s voices and their work over the past two years. (more…)

See, Hear, Speak

Inspired by the maxim, ‘See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil’, the audience is confronted with the notion of witnessing and experiencing acts of ‘evil’, rather than turning themselves away from such acts. (more…)