Where They May Land

Using live video tracking and object detection, this interactive sequencer uses the positioning of people within a space to trigger sounds and animations. Operating like a giant sampler, different animation and sound loops are played depending on what co-ordinate people position themselves upon.

The actual positioning of people is determined by a modified game of hopscotch, with each sequence of loops and animations guided by where each persons ‘lands’ within the space.

Inspired by children’s games such as hopscotch, the piece is built upon a predetermined system; its final output guided by the operations of ‘chance’, where the stones ultimately fall.

Ranging from highly refined to explicitly degraded, each sound and visual entity is a response to what we see as the ‘chance’ outcome of where our children ‘land’, where our children are raised and what environments they experience. The concept of geography as destiny is pivotal to this piece.


Personal Project: Created at Royal College of Art in collaboration with Guildhall School of Music & Drama; for MAP/Making 2009
Sound Design by: Natasha Zielazinski, Detta Danford & Jo Willis (Guildhall School of Music & Drama)
Role: Design, Animation, Code-Dev, Installation & Co-Direction

Performed at Bath International Music Festival, 2009