The Boy (Popup Book)

To accompany the short film The Boy, I started to develop The Boy Popup Book, a tactile and digital pop-up book that aims to expand the narrative experience of the film. Augmented Reality is used to overlay a traditional picture pop-up book, to create an immersive world for the viewer/reader.

There’s still a lot of development that I’d like to take on with this project to push it further. Both in terms of the physical (building better/robust pop-up books, interfaces for AR markers, etc) and the digital (integrating generative/responsive animations, utilising sound, etc), so hopefully there’ll be more updates to follow this beta version … stay tuned!


Personal Project: Created at Royal College of Art
Role: Design, Animation, Code-Dev, Installation
Tutorials used in development: Lee Brimelow Tut 01 / Tut 02 & Rob Hawkes Tut 01