Collision Trigger

A quick hack of Ed Salvana’s and Grant Skinner’s object detection/collision script for flash and video interaction.
* Make sure you move around a bit at the start to calibrate the video feed.

Instead of a single reaction/animation, different reactions are triggered depending on where the objects collide with the viewer/participant. This was used for the Where They May Land project, as well as on an installation at the Midnight Matinee for Tristan Bates Theatre, to allow us to create interactive, visual sequencers, but I’m hoping to rework it for other interactive uses.

View Demo

A couple of things I’d like to add/enhance within this interaction include:
- dynamic reactions (eg bring in live feeds to populate the reaction animations … twitter/rss feeds, etc)
- have the actual objects react to one another (along with reacting to changes in the video feed)