Words from the Heart

Using the collected stories of 10 indigenous Australians, Words from the Heart: Life, Love and Laughter, highlights the journeys that have been taken by individuals to reach their aspirations, both in life and in their unique careers. Commissioned by Jobs Australia, each individual’s story is strengthened by their immediate connection to a specific region of Australia, dramatically captured in the photography of Wendy McDougall.

Our role was to create a visual identity for the book that was sympathetic to the photography, creating a design and overall branding that was unified, yet still highlighted the different regions of Australia that each story was communicating. Colour palette and typography was critical in providing a unified design, allowing us to then accentuate the different regions, and the vibrancy of the photography selected.

Client: Two Way Talk & Jobs Australia
Photography by: Wendy McDougall
Written by: Margaret Cossey, with Kelli McIntosh
Role: Branding, Design & Layout