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O2 Oxygen Design System
O2 Oxygen Design System
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O2 By Design
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Working as a blended UX & UI team with O2, to deliver their digital transformation workstream; O2 360.

As O2's retained UX & UI partner, we have redesigned and reimagined experiences, establishing and maintaining O2's Design System, Oxygen. This has been used to deliver key journeys across O2 Shop, My O2, Customer Service and Digital Retail

Beyond O2 360, we have also looked to celebrate and evangelise the role of design within O2. Future states, product innovation and evolving the digital experience for O2, all with the intention of elevating the O2 customer experience.

Client: O2, Role: Head of Design

Bernadette Logotype
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Wake Up, Break Through, Repeat.

Launched in April 2022, Bernadette repositioned VCCP's customer experience division (formerly VCCP CX) as a dedicated specialism, bridging the gap between strategy and execution across digital products and services.

Why Bernadette? Well, she's part of our VCCP DNA. We wanted to celebrate the 'girl' of our VCCP girl & bear logo and what better way than to announce her to the world. Introducing Bernadette, 'brave as a bear', on a mission to create breakthroughs for our clients.

Agency: Bernadette, Role: Creative & Design Direction, Chief Design Officer: Jonny Goodall, Design: Claire Ashfield, Mike Simpson, Irina-Mihaela Birt, David Green

Saga Key Visual
Saga Mobile KV
Saga Collection
Saga Travel
Saga Refresh GHP
Saga Refresh Travel

Experience is everything.

Relaunch and establishment of a new experience vision for Saga, by bringing together multiple digital products across the Saga portfolio.

Since 2020, we've partnered with Saga to deliver customer-led product redesigns across the Saga group, including Travel, Editorial, and Financial products. We've created a singular, consolidated design system that brings the groups entire digital ecosystem under one umbrella for the first time, and continue to iterate and improve the experience as the brand world evolves.

Client: Saga, Brand: SomeOne, Role: Digital Design Direction, Design: Matt Brady, Simon Bostock, Claire Ashfield, Ben Butler, Linas Jovaisas, Sophie Sissa

Google You
Saga Key Visual
You Loop
You Lockups
You Characters
You Features
You Phone

I've had the chance to work on a few projects with Google via VCCP NY. Google You, was a creative product vision, where we explored how Google could approach subscription services.

'You' was envisioned as a personalised subscription service for all your Google products, both hardware and platform-based. We wanted 'You' to reflect the tailored nature of the service, so we developed a brand world that was able to visually flex in identity and take on various characteristics. We didn't end up developing this product further, but it was a lot of fun to make :)

Client: Google ** Concept Only **, Role: Creative & Design Direction, Design & Animation: Andy Potts

Muller Concept 01
Muller Concept 02
Muller Concept 03
Muller Mobile
Muller KV

Can you make design lickable?

With their creamy, blissful and family favourite range of products, we wanted to celebrate Müllerliciousness across all aspects of Müller's online experience. Product showcases, ease of discoverability and re-imagining of the brand online, allowed us to deliver an experience that felt uniquely Müller and celebrated all things Mmmmmmm.

Client: Müller, Role: Creative & Design Direction, Design: Ben Butler

Mojo Onboarding
Mojo App Icons
Mojo World

Future visions and design fictions.

We explored the potential for what a future connectivity brand would look (and behave) like. We played with the idea of Connectivity-as-a-Subscription-Service.

Introducing Mojo, your subscription to the world. Easy, flexible, always connected, always in control. A demonstration of how services and devices could be unified and simplified for customers. Mojo provides connectivity, Mojo is your mood, adapting and changing as people go about their day. You go, we go, Mojo ;)

Client: Virgin Media & O2, Role: Creative & Design Direction, Design: Claire Ashfield, Ben Butler, Dexter Marshall

Graphic Principles Ali Augur
eCommerce Redesign
eCommerce Promo

A graphical and motion system for Domino's.

We created a flexible system that would allow rapid creation of content for social and CRM platforms. Principles included 'stretch', 'fold' and 'slice', properties that we love about pizza(!), connected by the Domino's logo and its core elements; the dots and the tile.

We were also tasked with redesigning the entire eCommerce journey across web and app. With design sprints that we ran with Domino's and validated with customers at key intervals, we arrived at 'Easy Ordering For Everyone'; an experience that priveleges user’s needs and celebrates the design language of Domino’s.

Client: Domino's, Role: Design Direction, Graphical System in collaboration with: Ali Augur, Design: Andy Potts, Simon Bostock, Jason Fingland


Creative practitioner and thinker, working in the areas of digital experience, products & services, moving image and brand worlds.

Previously, Head of Design at VCCP CX, London. Currently, Creative Director of Experience Design at Bernadette / VCCP Sydney.

Playing with the way brands think about design. Championing the needs of users. Always searching for that sweet spot between interaction and communication, inspiration and utility.

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