Design and promotional material for new writing festival and pop-up gallery, Lost Soles. (more…)


Learning manuals for the Getting Ready training course. (more…)


Identity and design development for educational publisher TwoWay Talk. (more…)


A festival of new writing, inspired by lines from obituaries and performed at a wake. (more…)


Continuing on from Season 2011, we worked with Darlinghurst Theatre Company on branding and marketing materials for Season 2012. (more…)


For Season 2011, I worked with Darlinghurst Theatre Company to create a consistent and unified branding approach, that could function across all of the theatre’s marketing materials. (more…)


Working with illustrator Karen Briggs, we developed a design and layout to bring to life the Story of Yudum, by Aaron C Stuart. (more…)


Using the collected stories of 10 indigenous Australians, Words from the Heart: Life, Love and Laughter, highlights the journeys that have been taken by individuals to reach their aspirations, both in life and in their unique careers. (more…)


Various online and print creative designed and developed for Citroën UK, including retail and campaign-specific executions. (more…)

The Boy (Popup Book)

To accompany the short film The Boy, I started to develop The Boy Popup Book, a tactile and digital pop-up book that aims to expand the narrative experience of the film. (more…)


Posters & promotional design created for various productions and co-productions at The Space, Isle of Dogs. (more…)

RCA Showreel 2009

Built from a photo-collage of the graduating students, the design and branding for the 2009 Animation Showreel aimed to reflect the student’s voices and their work over the past two years. (more…)